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    Greetings all. I am at a loss with ASTRA, I love the overall experience, but unfortunately it is hampered by the 'Wake Up' command, u used it a few times then gave up because it got to annoying, I have attempted to revisit voice attack but the same problems arise. I have got voice attack to activate on the press of a button on my hotas but it gets annoying when ASTRA starts doing random things because for some reason voice attack has recognised this command.

    Is there a way to delete or turn off any voice activation commands because I will never wish for her to be listening to me all of the time.

    any help would be great.

    Kind Regards Jyla

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    In the voice attack settings, on the hotkey tab, you can get global hotkeys and with several options (listen when held, don't listen when held, listen then stop after 1st recognised command and toggle)
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      if you are getting accidental cmds running then you really need to look at your mic settings and command weight in the VA settings. Also read this:
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