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Singularity - "We are being hailed"

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  • Singularity - "We are being hailed"

    Is there any way to restrict ASTRA/Singularity to announcing "We are being hailed" only from certain chat streams?

    I'm on Distant Worlds 2 and at the systems we all meet up, where there are hundreds of people around, I end up hearing it A LOT.

    I was able to turn it off (selecting -1 in the appropriate option), but that's not an ideal solution, either. I would like to know if someone is hailing me locally, for example (or wings, or private chat), just not those I can't see in the system.

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    Noted. At the moment though, its an all or nothing affair
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      Same issue. This is super annoying. I tried changing the delay time but I can't see that it had any effect. (started with small increments, ended up setting it to 100000 - no effect) Please address this ASAP. Thanks!


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        Ah- Just found the -1 setting that mossfoot was talking about.. That did it!