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New Crewman not recognised in VA

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  • New Crewman not recognised in VA

    Recently built a new PC and downloaded my old purchases yesterday, those being Verity and Astra, After getting Verity & Astra working fine i decided to add a new crew member , so I purchased Mars last night to add a little variety. After installing (i can see the pack along with the others in the VA sounds folder) i start VA but only Verity &Astra are recognised.

    i read the read first file in the mars pack but didnt really understand it and i downloaded all my packs today so im thinking they are all up to date latest versions.

    slightly confused but any assistance to get Mars working with Verity & Astra would be great,.


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    when you start VA, how many crew members does it say you have?

    when you downloaded Mars, did you use the sendowl link to download it? We have an issue with older packs sending 2 links, the sendowl one being the correct pack to download.
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      i did indeed receive 2 download links and must have downloaded from the wrong one, uninstalled Mars, accessed the sendowl download and installed. it seemed more familiar that the previous download, the other one did not even ask for the key, this one did. Anyhow, started up VA and i now have 3 crew members as expected. now to assign roles.

      thanks one again for the very quick support.