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  • Noob bindings question

    I've recently got a voice pack and used Customiser to check out which bindings I still needed to add. It turned out that some of these were for functions shown on my ED setup as already bound to keyboard keys. So for those I put in additional bindings in the 'Alternate flight' etc column - not sure if that was the correct thing. I mention that because in testing, two of the bindings are not responding properly, while all the others appear OK. The ones which only partly work are engage warp drive and engage jump drive. In both cases there is a confirmation voice and the ship's system says engaging the appropriate drive, but then nothing happens. The bind keys I'm using for these are left control for one and left alt for the other. If those keys are compatible with voice attack and voice pack for bindings, is there some more script I need to use after that initial command? I thought it was just the one but as it is I'm dead in the water! Any ideas really welcome!

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    This post can now be closed; thanks 4 reply by email. Solution was to try using two different keys for the 2 binds which were, well, something of a bind! This worked fine.