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New user issue: Discovery Scanner vs. Detailed Surface Scanner

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  • New user issue: Discovery Scanner vs. Detailed Surface Scanner

    I’ve just started using VA/HCS, and 24 hours in, I’m loving it! So far, only one issue has come to light that I haven’t been able to solve: Any voice call for the Discovery Scanner activates the DSS instead. This includes the auto Discovery Scanner call in the Explorer mode. Has anyone else seen this?

    I tried using the Voice Trigger mod in the Customiser to change the call for the Discovery Scanner to something very different: “Honk”. I removed all other voice call options for it. Even then, saying “Honk” still gets me the Detailed Surface Scanner. If I then tell Kate to deactivate the DSS, she does it. If I tell her to activate the DSS using the right command for it, she does that as well. So, it appears that both the DSS and Discovery Scanner calls point to the same thing?

    The Discovery Scanner is assigned as a Primary fire in one of the fire groups on my Warthog, and it still works. I simply can’t seem to get it called via the VA/HCS interface. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    open the customiser and in the keyboard control, you have the option to switch to primary (and fire group) accordingly for the various different scanners.
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      Thanks for the reply, I was just logging in to say that very thought struck me seconds after the initial post. Set up correctly now and tested, works like a champ! I think I’m really going to enjoy the additional dimension HCS brings to the game...