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  • Account Purchase Issue

    So... I did not see an account channel. I hope this is the correct place to put this stuff.

    I just repurchased ASTRA (I had purchased back in 2016) and I also purchased Verity and Midnight. I clicked on the link in the upper right hand to register the purchases with my account. However, when I go the the page to view my purchases, all that I see are ASTRA (2016), ASTRA from tonight, and the tools link. I do not see Verity or Midnight. It is not a huge deal right now, as I have everything downloaded. However, if I have hard drive crash or rebuild my system for other reasons, it will become an issue. Also, it would be nice to have a link on your site pointing to the URL we can use to sign in and see those purchases, rather than having to refer to an email (which we may not have).


  • #2 - login to access your pack(s) Note: You need to claim the account first. - will send you any download links you own.

    Could you have purchased them on a different email account? (we use the one that is linked on your paypal account)

    *edit* Before I forget, the sendowl page only shows details for one item on the order (annoying I know) not how many are on that order (annoying I know). So from the sendowl page if you click the order (pack name) it will show you everything that was on that specific order (so each of the packs)
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