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  • HCS Voice Pack Updates!


    Had to create a new account because its been a little while since i last logged on and i have forgotten / lost my old account details...

    So my question is are there any new HCS Voice Pack Updates ?

    I have The Following Voice Packs!

    Astra!, Alix, Cleo, Eden, & Kate!.

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    Updates & Current Version Info

    Chances are "yes there are updates."

    Redownload voicepacks, rerun installers, good to go
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      OK so do i have to redownload all the voice packs Astra!, Alix, Cleo, Eden, & Kate!. inorder to update to the singularity profile ?


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        not specifically no, 1 would do but if you haven't downloaded your packs for a while then it's likely they will need updating and singularity will refuse to recognise them until they are
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