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  • Singularity vs Elite: Singularity

    Stupid question, but I read in another post the statement that the profile we need to use (for Elite Dangerous) is called "Singularity" and not "Elite Singularity". I'm fully up to date and let the auto-update mechanism take care of the profile update, but my profile (from the dropdown) is called "Elite: Singularity" and the startup message says, "Singularity v2.2.1". Can you please confirm from the attached that I'm correctly updated? (I haven't received any errors and the lines above what's displayed just end with "Ready, waiting for you to log into Elite...". I'm just looking for reassurance I didn't somehow screw up my install.)
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    If you install the profile from scratch then it will be called "Singularity" but if you updated from v2.2 then that will be overwritten and stay named whatever it was called when doing the update. This was done on purpose to allow people to rename the profile and we can still update it no matter what it is called. The main check will always be the version number rather than what the profile is named. The current version is v2.2.1 for the profile and v3.2.1 for the plugin
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      Thank you for confirming.