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Small docking thrusts (Forward)

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  • Small docking thrusts (Forward)

    Hi I am using a HOTAS for Throttle as well as joystick and while general flight I use voice commands to set "Engines 50%" or "Engines 100%" and works well for general commands, when I am docking manually I prefer to use small spurts of thrust to manoeuvre forward position to the landing pad, I find using Engines 5% is taking a little to long to change the engine speed during the docking. Is it possible to disable the VA Thrusters and revert back to manual and then reuse the VA enginees later, Currently during game play if I do not use Voice for Engines the Command remains on the HOTAS but on first use of VA "Engines 25%" I then have no control using the HOTAS. Can it be disabled and reset back to the HOTAS during game play? Thanks

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    I'm not exactly sure what you mean as we don't have an engines 5% cmd, only 10,20,30 etc in 10% increments. None of the thruster cmds override a throttle fully. They will set the speed but you should still be able to move your throttle and it's setting takes over again.
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      Hi thanks for the response, My mistake but the do indeed accept 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 which are not 10% rates/ The throttle on my X56 is rendered useless after the first engine voice command, if I do not use an engine voice command then the throttle reacts normally ie forward full =100% fully back =0 if I set Engines to 0 and have the throttle fully to the rear no amount of pushing forward returns control back to the throttle.on the first use of a voice activated Engine command it no longer has any control till I exit and restart the game.


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        Odd behavior OP

        I use TM Warthog Throttle and Joystick and do not experience loss of control with the physical throttle after a voice input. After using any engine speed command through VA, moving my throttle immediately overrides the voice setting.

        Also, in the throttle settings in ED you can specify 10% increments and assign keys to respond so they will work in VA


        Additionally, have you changed any settings in Alternate Flight Controls or the Flight Thrust section? You should only need to set the Throttle in the "FLIGHT THROTTLE" section. In other sections, just select "REGULAR" for Forward and back Thrust


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          Thanks GJ51, I will go back through the bindings to check, I had to rebuild the bindings from the VA template as none of my previous bindings in ED were working with the Updated Elite singularity, I probably have something stuffed up but having to rebuild the bindings again aftetr nearly 3 years has proberbly left me exposed to a few mistakes.