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Legion - Doesn't recognize his own name

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  • Legion - Doesn't recognize his own name

    Hi guys, me again.

    Congrats on all the followers you have been gathering, word of your immersive voice packs does get around, and rightfully so. You all worked so diligently on the last topic I posted, where we found a bug in Voice Attack causing excessive lag in command execution.

    I've got another one for you, if you don't mind. I just purchased Legion this evening (Michael Dorn) with the hopes of using him this evening for a short mining run, only to have to do more troubleshooting. I have come to find that he simply doesn't recognize his own name. Here's the facts...

    - VA, HCS tools, plugins, and EDDI are all current versions. No updates are detected having installed this pack.
    - I have installed the pack successfully, the installer recognized the serial number, both pasted, and entered manually. I have uninstalled the pack, and reinstalled it, ensuring to do so as Administrator, and after having manually extracted it instead of just running the file from the archive.
    - I ran VA and imported the profile when prompted and launched VA from the auto-installer utility. The auto-installer reports that the profile was imported successfully.
    - The count of crew members on board went from 9 to 10 after the installation and profile import.
    - Customizer shows that Legion is commissioned, and the check box is ticked. He responds to the test button. When unticked, and settings are saved, and I return to the customizer, he is ticked again.
    - Although it takes effort to get it to happen, VA does and will recognize the phrase "Crewman Legion" heard completely correctly, but as an unrecognized phrase, both on a whim, and after having called for "Crew Command Roster."
    - When an officer is assigned to a first-officer role, and the command is given to organize a crew, Legion does get assigned successfully. When his station is called upon, he responds.
    - When Legion is called for by name...Any name, he does not respond. I have tried changing the voice trigger for his name to something that would not be so easily confused with "legend."

    I will further try assigning him to all stations via the customiser for whatever ship I'm flying as a work-around and see if that works tomorrow, so I can at least use him, but something's up here guys. My heart sank when, right after I put my credit card away, I get a pack where the actor doesn't recognize his own name. I also have you guys on Discord if you want to arrange voice comms. I'm on eastern daylight time at the moment (GMT -4).

    Thanks, and have a great day!

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    Open the customiser, voice trigger editor: make sure that the selected voice trigger profile is a Singularity one (stock or custom, it doesn't matter). I just started up VA here, with singularity and just by saying "Crewman Legion" it was recognised.

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      for the disabling of Legion:

      v3.2.2 WIP
      fixed: customiser:the crew could not disable legion

      So that will be fixed in the next update in a couple of weeks
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        Good call, thanks. That worked, resetting to a default voice trigger file. He now recognizes his own name, and his additional monikers.

        Here's the million dollar question... Why then, after I have had the same custom trigger file, with Legion in it, does the custom one not work?

        I guess the fix at this point is to redo all my custom commands from the working singularity trigger file?


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          if you send me the problematic trigger file then I can take a look to see what the issue was.
          The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

          You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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            TheThingIs thanks, but I won't trouble you, you guys are plenty busy, and you all coordinated and helped out a great deal last time I reported a bug. It's easy enough to just use the file that works, and customize it again. I'm up and running. And besides, I already took everything out of that folder that was outdated. I'm left with an English file, a French file, and an English custom file.

            As always, good looking out, and thank you for your support.

            Enjoy your weekend.