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  • Beyond now what?

    I haven't jumped on Elite in a while but wanted to revisit this evening. It seems all of my voice packs need updating, understandable, but I find it hugely frustrating that even with singularity, every pack needs to be bleached and blitzed from the machine to then reinstall and reconfigure the updated packs. Can there not be a simple update function? It seems I am even unable to run the HCS Tools .exe?

    So now what?

    I haven't played the game in over a year so I am very much 'out of date' How do I get 'up to date'?

    Kind regards
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    Move the HCSTools to outside that directory and then run it.

    You *may* have to run the app as admin (due to Voice Attack being in the Program Files directory).

    We are working on getting the actual sound files (voicepacks) themselves to be auto updateable, but at the moment, it is just the profile and plugin that can do it (so Singularity for ED / Event Horizon for SC) and the associated plugin.
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      No dice, shunted the file to a different directory and attempted to run normally and as admin.

      Auto-updates would help hugely but I understand everything tales time

      Kind Regards
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        auto updates are already done but they will only auto update versions after we introduced the feature. I'd suggest you wipe all your HCS packs and profiles completely, redownload the latest full packs from sendowl and install fresh. Atleast it should be the last time you need to do it
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