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All Voice Packs become Muted after using SRV - What did I break?

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  • All Voice Packs become Muted after using SRV - What did I break?

    Hi, first post.. be gentle .. Only one week on from installing my first pack & already up to 9! I have to say they make such a difference to the ED experience.. loving 'em.. especially Alpha.. great idea.. well done.
    So, I've had a trawl & search through the forum but not noticed this specific behaviour mentioned so far. After using the SRV & returning to the ship all the voice packs are muted. Commands are still run but they don't wanna talk to me. All the other sounds are working as normal. I'm up to date according to the Customiser update check, I know there we're updates over the w/end. Restarting the game returns things to normal. Any pointers as to where I should be looking to track this one down?

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    Will look into this for you.
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      Whilst this was repeatable, closing & restarting ED, when I posted.. Last night it seemed to run ok after returning to ship from SRV. So, 3 things I'm thinking about that changed since.
      1) the PC was shutdown & restarted.
      2) I noticed VoiceAttack reporting an anomaly for DARK who had previously being assigned as Science & replaced it with Alfa.. (who's also assigned No1)
      3) I found the recent post about "Having Trouble Deploying SRV" & noticed the suggestion to "Run Diagnostics" which I ran... (sounds like.. "have you tried switching it Off & On again)

      I normally would only try one thing at a time but didn't notice the message in (2) until after I tried (3)

      As an aside note.. Alfa volume level seems quieter than the others. with ASTRA booming out loudest. I've seen some older treads on normalisation etc. but thought I'd mention the feedback as Alfa is brand new.


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        the volume of packs can be altered in the customiser
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