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Customiser not persistent

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  • Customiser not persistent

    Odd issue I'm having.

    I've been recently trying to setup some options in the Customiser since I now have three voice packs. Things like Crew Favourites, Ship Asigned Crew, Extra Content etc. Problem is, every time I open Voice Attack the settings have reset back to empty/un-ticked and I have to reselect them, click Apply, click Save Changes, click Done.

    As long as Voice Attack is open, everything's fine. But, if I have to close it and re-open it later, then the settings are all blank again.

    Is this a feature of the Customiser, have I missed a setting somewhere, or am I having some sort of issue?! This is the first time I've tried setting these options so I don't know how long this issue has been on my system.

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    Will look into it,
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