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Orion - Interaction Mode

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  • Orion - Interaction Mode

    There is no Interaction Mode command for Orion, but in the introduction manual it says there is.

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    Which profile version are you running?


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      Just installed the latest version. Tried the interaction mode with ORION, VEGA and the Singularity beta. It seems like it's not implemented.


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        Orion and Vega don't have an interaction mode. Singularity doesn't have it yet
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          OK I have Kate, used to have interaction mode loaded up the latest version. Its no longer there.... really having difficulty seeing anything new in this version. I have lost more than I gained..


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            The singularity profile (if you have loaded it) is currently in beta and doesn't have interaction mode (or the knowledge base) available at the moment.

            HOWEVER, the normal profile should still have it.
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