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File missing from latest Eden update

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  • File missing from latest Eden update

    I was using eden and came across an error message indicating a problem playing a file:
    14:05:39 - Error accessing sound file - E:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/VoiceAttack/Sounds/hcspack-EDEN/engines%20thrusters%20and%20drives/thrusters/Afterburners%202.wav

    Sure enough, you've done some work with the afterburners sound files, and one is missing 'Afterburners 2.wav'.
    This might be intentional, so I extracted the files from the original purchased copy, and the file is present here. I've since sorted my issue out, but thought you should know.

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    it's not missing, we'd renamed a couple of the files and missed changing it in the profile...thanks for letting us know
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