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Right panel out of sync with voice pack commands

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  • Right panel out of sync with voice pack commands

    I don't know if it's a bug with Singularity or ingame. The right panel is out of sync with voice commands after a hyper jump. While left panel always starts with Navigation after a jump the right panel remembers the last opened panel. So after a jump it's ouf of sync (Top panel seems to work, too).

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    I will take a look as this would be a change in Elite's behaviour rather than an actual bug per se. If it is a change in elite then a fix may have to wait in case they change it back again,
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      For the time being I deleted the line Set Integer [right-panel-tab] value to 1 in ((Jump Diagnostics - FSD)) and it works. No side effects, yet. Top panel isn't reset after FSD jump, either. Only left panel is. Let's see what 3.1 brings.