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ORION: "Request Docking Permission" issues

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  • ORION: "Request Docking Permission" issues

    Quite often, saying "Request Docking Permission" results in ORION enabling "silentrunning" or often nothing at all.

    He says "Sending Now" but the request is not sent as tho ORION is selecting the wrong command panel and item.

    It's getting to the point where I don't trust ORION to execute the command, and I just do it manually.

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    This sounds like panel tracking getting broken, which happens when you first use a voice command to do some panel movement, but then use your joystick/gamepad to do some other panel movement, and then use a voice command for some more panel movement.

    However, I would like to ask as to what errors (if any) you get in your Voice Attack log when you load it up.

    If you do use your joystick/gamepad for panel movement, then once you have done what you wanted to do with the panels, put the tabs back where you found them.

    On an additional note: I have yet to experience this issue with the request docking
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