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Alpha-Numeric Dictation bug

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  • Alpha-Numeric Dictation bug

    So, I was testing out the AND in the newest iteration of the Singularity profile, and an interesting issue cropped up; when dictating numbers, it doesn't actually type the number you tell it to; instead, I get output like this (and indeed, it only types what it says it's typing):

    Typing: Z
    Recognized 'zero'
    Typing: N
    Recognized 'nine' (should be 'niner' if you're using the proper NATO phonetics, which seems to be the case for everything else)
    Typing: E
    Recognized 'eight'
    Typing: S
    Recognized 'seven'
    Typing: S
    Recognized 'six'
    Typing: F
    Recognized 'five'
    Typing: F
    Recognized 'four'
    Typing: T
    Recognized 'three'
    Typing: T
    Recognized 'two'
    Typing: O
    Recognized 'one'

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    So, it's perfectly fine that a feature isn't working?


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      I will poke the relavent person about this... something went wrong with the the numbers (i have a feeling that it is a zimple fix though)m
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