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Customiser > Missing Keybind Report not responding.

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  • Customiser > Missing Keybind Report not responding.

    VoiceAttack console gives a warning about missing key bindings. I access the Customiser dialogue and click on Missing Keybind Report, well over 90 seconds passes an there is no activity, title bar reports "(Not Responding)". I kill the process. I had already switched from a personal bindings file to Custom prior to all this as instructed in the setup video.

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    We have noticed that this tends to happens for those who *don't* run VA as admin.

    If you want a more "complete" list of commands that require a keybind press though, you can always use this list

    It is not complete, but it is only missing Galnet and weapon/engine color keybinds IIRC.
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      I had already set the properties on the .exe to Run As Administrator prior to this, though I do start it via a Start Tile. Can't find an properties for the tile to modify, but from the context menu I ran as administrator and the Missing Keybind Report worked.

      Though the report could use some newlines. It also won't let me copy the info from the window so I can see it in my editor.


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        working on further improvements...
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