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  • Issues w/ Vega

    1st, let me say that if I was 100% satisfied with anything, it would probably be how nice my coffin looks from the inside.

    So, since I'm still breathing, I'm not satisfied<g>.

    Now to my issues.
    Vega repeats himself, a lot. Every jump he says one of the same three things. Maybe sometimes, he just shouldn't say anything. After all, If I want his attention, I only have to ask for it.
    Other times, he just seems to be spouting techno babble, with no apparent relationship to what ever is currently happening. And the babble is just unconnected words spoken near each other.
    His timing is off. Many times in jump he'll say "Exiting NOW!" and nothing happens for an additional 5-7 seconds. The one time when his timing is right on the money is when he says "Exiting in 5,4,3,2,1.", and boom we are out of jump.

    Finally, I don't use headphones, I got funny ears and nothing ever fits right without causing my ears to feel like they are being clamped in a vice. So, I have a very good microphone right next to my head, and it works very well giving Vega commands. For sound I have surround sound 5.1 speakers. However, sometimes, he repeats the command, which has the effect of canceling or reversing what I just asked him to do.

    Examples of my issues.

    Jump into a system in explorer mode. Vega says "Scanning for equity", then he fires off the discovery scanner and says "Scanning system" or something like that. All within 5 seconds of each other. I don't see any reason for him to be saying that twice. If you are exploring, this minor little issue gets really, really old after the 50th or 60th system you've jumped into in the last hour.

    I say "Weapons" or "Hardpoints". The hardpoints deploy and then Vega says "Weapons" or "Hardpoints" and they retract!!! I understand that in a military setting, repeating the command given is a good way for the commander to be sure his guys heard what he said. But those guys are smart enough to not think their repeating a word is the same as when the commander says it. I think changing it so Vega NEVER speaks one of the command sequences that actually activate him would be a good place to start. In many cases, "Affirmative", "Understood", or one of the bunch of choices in the Acknowledgements sound directory would work just fine.

    Finally, the techno babble. I could do without it. Its just background noise.

    Now for a solution. If voice attack could be told to "NOT" listen to itself, then it wouldn't be giving itself commands. ie, whenever Vega speaks, or any of the Singularity voices, simply have it turn off the mic when it starts speaking, and turn it back on when its done..

    Lastly, someone might say, "Just change it to what you want". Only I don't have so much life left in me to spend a significant part of it learning how to program voice attack and alter the Singularity files, only to have them updated a week later and undo all my changes.

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    To prevent the whole "Voicepack reacting to himself", you could just set voice attack to Push To Listen mode (Voice Attack settings: Hotkeys, and change the Recognition Global Hotkey to what you want... you can also change what happens when you press it (ie does it toggle listening on and off, stop listening when held, only listen when held).

    The thing is, is that there is only so much "smarts" that we can put into the pack. And for some of the commands (such as "Deploy landing gear" for example, will only deploy the landing gear, and the "single trigger version" (Ie Landing gear) acts like a toggle.

    To disable a lot of the flavour text, then in the customiser (Say "Protocol Override: Customise my settings" ) you will have the option in the "The Stations" section to set it to non verbose, which cuts out a lot of the flavour extras.
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    WARNING! Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage!


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      I appreciate the push-to-talk option, but the whole point is to have verbal control over functions you may not have the buttons for, or be too busy to look for (like when you are getting shot at).

      My comments on the smarts are more related to "how stupid am I supposed to be." The techno babble annoys me because it really doesn't add to the experience. He might as well be saying "Astronomy", Polectomy", "Engaged". Means nothing.

      The words he actually uses do have some relationship to the game, but the context in some situations is just not there.

      But, I vented, and now I can get on with my life.


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        Well, you can keep the voice control suspended and just set a bypass prefix in the profile options (mine is "COVAS"), but you have to have that precede each and every command you issue, like, "Computer, Navigation.", "Computer, hardpoints,", "Computer, deploy chaff.", etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum. So, for your case, you have four options you can choose between; either find a headset that fits your unique physiology, deal with the current state of the software (admittedly, not an ideal option), key up every time you want to address the computer (again, admittedly not ideal), or have to constantly address the computer with a prefix before each command, but gain the advantage that the computer no longer hears itself.