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Astra "power to engines" and exit protocol issues

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  • Astra "power to engines" and exit protocol issues

    I am having an issue with the "Clear the mass lock" command. When it comes time to put full power to engines, the pips don't change (the vocalization is heard). The rest of the sequence runs its course and the balance power function does work at the end. I tried editing the command from calling "power to engines" to "((power to engines))" (srv?) and this caused one single pip to go to engines (since that's what that function does). But with the original, it's like nothing is actually being called. Is this a bug?

    Another issue I have is during hyperspace jumps. When the jump concludes, and Astra has run the "exit protocol" routine, my throttle is still set to full. Is this supposed to drop to zero? Or what exactly is supposed to happen? I am using a HOTAS, but normally the keyboard commands and all Astra throttle-related commands override the analog setting until I move the physical throttle again. In this case, either nothing changes or it drops to zero momentarily and then jumps back to full. Any idea here?

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    Will look into the first part

    For the 2nd part though: It is only intended to drop to zero if you are in explorer mode (if i remember correctly).
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