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Astra tutorial - a few inconsistencies

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  • Astra tutorial - a few inconsistencies

    Beginning docked in a station, with chit-chat enabled, I'm following the list of 21 items provided in the .rtf. "Tell me about the centre console" isn't recognized. Searching the profile, I see an entry for "The [main;] console." saying "the console" is not recognized. neither is "the main console".

    Following the list, a few other hitches:

    "Tell me about the panel menus" is not recognized. "Tell me about the panels" is.

    "Tell me about the launch" is not recognized. "Tell me about launch" is.

    "Tell me about the landing module" is not recognized. "Tell me about landing" is.

    During "Tell me about the scanner" it says you can say "zoom in" and "zoom out", however these are not in the profile. "Decrease sensor range" and "Increase sensor range" are, but not zoom in or out. "zoom in max" for example does work, though. Is there a reason these were taken out (a conflict?) or can they be manually added without any unforeseen problems?

    "Tell me about the hard points" is not recognized. "Tell me about hardpoints" is.

    Hope this helps.

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