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Cannot apply new keybindings through Elite: Dangerous

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  • Cannot apply new keybindings through Elite: Dangerous

    I've been having to add keybindings through the actual .binds files for Elite: Dangerous, because every time I try to apply bindings whilst voice attack and HCS VoicePacks Plugin are active when I'm playing Elite: Dangerous, I get a message in the VA main window saying something to the effect of, "keybinding change detected. Reading in keybinds from backup". I know I could shut Voice Attack down, and restart it after I was finished, but that kinda defeats the purpose of being able to change the bindings on the fly. Plus, it was never an issue before this most recent update to the plugin.

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    This is the message I keep getting:

    12:51:19 AM - Control scheme change detected, reading in binds
    But it resets the binds to an earlier state.

    Edit: Okay, for whatever reason, it seems to be behaving itself now, but I can't figure out why it's been doing that.
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      For the .binds file, if you look into your actual custom.binds file (or which ever one it is), does the *date/time* of the last modified change once you update them in Elite Dangerous?
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        It was just, I'd change the binds (Singularity was asking me to change the map X/Y translate controls, as apparently, a couple of them were mapped to the Next Tab and Previous Tab functions, as well as mapping Forward Only Throttle Reverse and Toggle Flight Assist), hit Apply, I'd get that message from the HCS Plugin, and all of a sudden, the binds I'd changed were reverted back to what they were before (W, A, S, and D for the map X/Y translate controls, and unbound for FOTR and Toggle FA). I had to actually open the Custom.3.0.binds file, and add the bindings manually before they took. After that, for some reason, it seemed to settle down and work alright.
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