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VoiceAttack has started crashing on Startup (Archer Voice Pack)

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  • VoiceAttack has started crashing on Startup (Archer Voice Pack)


    As the title suggests, Voice Attack (full) v.1.7.2 with HCS Voicepack (Archer) v1.21 has started to crash on startup today. It was working normally last night. Prior to the problem starting I had not updated Elite, Voice Attack or the Voice Pack.

    I have completely uninstalled & reinstalled voice attack, it works without issue by itself before reinstalling the voice pack.

    I have re-installed the HCS Voicepack and re-imported the .vap file.

    The program starts normally & gets to the , "waiting for you to log into Elite..." portion of startup.

    I start up Elite & log in, as the game loads up (spinning orange ship) voice attack's windows states:

    "Welcome back CMDR xxxx" "Waiting for game to finish loading..."

    *VoiceAttack has stopped working*

    When I restart Voice Attack, I get the 'VoiceAttack Improper Shutdown' dialog.

    If I disable plugin support, VoiceAttack will startup until it lists, "Stopped command, '((singularity initialisation 2))'

    Has anyone else experienced this...more importantly, were you able to fix it?

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    it's possible that when VA crashed it has messed up the variables we use as VA stores them within itself . You can either import another copy of the profile which will reset everything to default. Although if you have more than one version loaded into VA variables will cross over between them if you switch profiles. If you do this then stick with the same profile for testing and don't switch between. The other option would be to open the customiser and hit the reset all button
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      Thanks for the reply, I deleted and re-imported 'Elite Singularity.vap' , the problem remains. When I try to bring up the customizer the window pops up but the program immediately crashes before I can even click the reset all there any other way to bring up the customizer?


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        Same for me... :-(


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          Originally posted by yandoo View Post
          Same for me... :-(
          What version of the voicepack/plugin/voice attack are you running at the moment?
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