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  • stuck in srv

    although i am in my ship. none of the commands i give run because VA thinks im in my srv. giving cmd game state is no longer working. is it still available in the VP?
    restarting the game or VA will not fix the issue.
    this issue started after being kicked off the EDH server.

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    With keyboard shortcuts enabled in VA:

    Left Ctrl+Left Shift+Left Alt+ Num Enter = Toggle Gamestate

    It will tell you what gamestate you are in. The other option is to manually jump into Supercruise/dock/enter ship/something else that changes journal entry
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      thanks for quick response.
      i have only been able to land and return to ship via board ship cmd. still stuck in srv. out exploring in the beta.
      i will try your other suggestion when i return and i am able to dock.


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        Seems between beta 1 and beta 2 FDev broke or changed something, as the state after short amount of time changes to "SRV" regardless of where you are. I've used the VR-unfriendly debug to change, but it just goes to SRV again. It's quite annoying as it was working well enough with beta 1. I suppose all the extra mining stuff has had quite an effect.


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          if you say "Training mode on" then it removes all gamestate restrictions and all commands become available to use. HTH
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            Same thing here, commands ignored as profile thinks I'm in SRV. Will try the training mode work around and report back. Looking forward to the new Singularity as Frontier has added an ungodly amount of new key bindings...