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    I had to download and update Astra 2.02 to 2.03 manually. After it was done, the updater imported and updated another file that I wasn't aware of. I have about 7 voice packs installed and this was the only one that had issues
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    the auto updater currently only updates the profiles, we are working on adding the ability to update sound packs
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      So now what's the current "proper" method of updating Astra?

      Hate to whine, but having thought this was an issue already solved, I'm a bit disappointed that this wan't communicated better.

      I was told when the auto update procedure kept repeating the need to update, that I should check my firewall settings.

      So - what do I need to do to get current. Verity seemed to not have an issue. Why would anyone intuitively see one work and not assume the other would update as well?

      I do appreciate the effort, but that lack of notification on the current limitations is not appreciated.

      So do I need to do a complete uninstall/reinstall? Just Astra? Just re-run an Astra install? Save binds? Save customization?

      I'm pretty much lost on how to do this anymore.


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        If voicepack name is listed: download and rerun voicepack installer

        If profile or plugin are listed, that is the HCStools (which can be done in the notification, or via a voicepack reinstall)

        Binds/Customisations are linked to the profile and not to the voicepack itself. (apart from personal pack, but that is a different matter here)
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