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Need better response for only one crew

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  • Need better response for only one crew

    I bet nobody thought to try this* with only one Voicepack installed but I'm stupid that way. Yes, the devs (almost) thought of everything and if you only have one Voicepack installed, the Singularity crew roster commands don't do anything potentially bad because there'd be nothing to do anyway.

    Unfortunately this situation isn't as obvious as it could be. In VoiceAttack, the error displayed when you try to assign a role is "Command ignored - You must issue Crew Command Roster before changing roles". This is particularly confusing because you can try to issue "Crew Command Roster" and VoiceAttack appears to recognize it (but does nothing). So you wonder what you did wrong. A better message like "Command ignored - You have only one crewmember who is filling all roles already" would be nice. Even nicer would be a spoken response along the lines of "It's just me, <name>, here." in-character for the solo VoicePack crewmember.

    * Nope, someone did do this already:
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    we did indeed think of this as all multi-crew commands and other things are disabled when it detects only one pack....admittedly we missed that one as a potential issue though so duly noted
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