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Default and HCS specific key assignments.

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  • Default and HCS specific key assignments.

    Some questions and comments on key assignments.

    1. Would it be possible to update the list of HCS default key assignments? I know that with the ED binds tool, this is less relevant, but it's a good guide and could also act as a list of mandatory assignments to make HCS work.

    2. In ED there are separate assignments for "SHIP Toggle Camera Suite" and "SRV Toggle Camera Suite". Default behaviour is that if "SRV - Toggle Camera Suite" is not set it reverts back to "Ship Toggle Camera Suite". HCS does not accept this and throws an error that it's not assigned. ED does not allow the same key to be assigned, so an extra key is used on an already crowded keyboard. Since this is something I use (I suspect I'm not alone), a modifier is not a good solution. Would it be possible for HCS to revert back if "SRV Toggle Camera Suite" is not set.

    3. IIRC there are were some hard coded keys in HCS, such as F3 for Run Diagnostics. Is this still the case, and is this the only one? Is there a list somewhere?

    4. Earlier you had to use a modifier for the galaxy map key assignments for auto-plotting to work. Is this still the case for Singularity?

    5. I have made an EDMap.txt for Norwegian keyboards. I know that including Norwegian characters in EDMap.txt would at least conflict with Danish and Swedish keyboards, possibly others, so that is not really an option. Is there any interest in collecting country specific EDMap.txt files anywhere. I could probably make Danish and Swedish versions as well if there is an interest.

    Kind regards
    Here is a list of all the commands that Voice Attacks expects to be bound, and with what key as well. We do use modifier keys (ie Shift + L) so no need to put

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    1. it's on the to do list

    2. I'll look at it

    3. There are still some there, disabled by default. They are for enabling panel tracking by keypress or joystick if the user understands how to do it. Edit the profile and sort by shortcut to see them

    4. It doesn't have to be a modifier just that those keys cant be the same as your UI panel keys

    5. We'd love extra country specific files, that would be a great help for everyone
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      I have finished the Norwegian EDMap.txt, including a "readme" file.
      I thought I would start on the Danish one, and quickly learned something which explains a lot of the issues I have had with key assignments earlier (I'm probably a bit slow here).

      It turns out that VA doesn't support Danish keyboards. Currently VA only supports the keyboard layouts shown in the picture below.
      So when VA detects an unsupported keyboard it reverts to default which is the US keyboard.
      Elite Dangerous however, does recognise Danish characters, and there we have a mismatch. To get full access to all keys with a keyboard not supported by VA you would have to setup and play ED with a supported keyboard, and to ensure full HCS Voice Pack support, you should probably use a US keyboard layout.

      So until VA supports Danish keyboards, a Danish EDMap.txt is on hold.
      I'll get started on the Swedish one.


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        Gimi: Its worth bringing this up over on the VA forums (about the supported languages part). It looks like Gary might have some work ahead of him
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        I have created EDMap.txt files for Norway and Sweden (included in attachment).
        NOTE: These are mostly untested. I would very much like some help in testing them, especially the Swedish EDMap.
        If someone could quickly go through the readme files and correct the spelling and punctuation mistakes, it would be great.

        Some advice on how the creators of HCS Voice Packs want this to be made available would also be great. They are free to use this in any way they wish.
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          great! Post em up and we'll include them with the plugin in the packs.
          The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

          You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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            The zip file with Norwegian and Swedish EDMap.txt files is attached to my post above
            Please take a look at the read me. You can use it as you like if it's relevant. There are separate readme files for Norwegian and Swedish, both in English. They include the changes made to each EDMap.txt file.


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              It just occurred to me that Norwegian and Swedish EDMap.txt can be combined into one file without conflicts.
              Attached is a combined Norwegian/Swedish EDMap.txt with readme for list of changes to EDMap.txt.

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