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  • Keybind Error

    I see that in singularity Profile that there is a keybinding check now. I'm having 2 issues with it.

    1. The BINDERROE.txt file is being saved to 'C:\Users\claud\Desktop', but for some people, like me, that use an SSD, we have our desktop folder on the D: drive.
    Can you set it so the .txt like gets saved to the user's default lacation?

    2. The Keybind check does not recognize Mouse or Joystick input settings within Elite Dangerous. Specifically, for my settings, the Secondary Fire. I have it set to a button on my X52 and my MOUSE 2 button. (For use then in turret mode in the SRV) I have enabled the Joystick in Voice Attack Joystick options, but the Keybind Checker still does not recognize the set inputs.

    The following is a list of keys which MUST be bound to a keypress for all commands to function.
    It doesn't matter what key you bind as long as there is one. You can use modifiers as well so
    something like ALT+A or CTRL+A are fine too.
    Elite keybind not setup : Weapons: Secondary fire

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    1. The save path can be altered if you wish. It's in the command ((Customisation))

    2. Singularity uses a keyboard press for secondary fire so you will have to change the mouse 2 to be a keypress
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