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"On my mark" and "In five..."

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  • "On my mark" and "In five..."

    I noticed today when I issued the 'on my mark' command ("disengage supercruise...on my mark") too early and did not follow up with the "mark!" on time, that Singularity 2 automatically started a 5-second countdown at the end of the wait period (although I didn't say "in five...") and executed the command anyway - which in this case dropped me out of supercruise well before I wanted to.

    Shouldn't the action just be ignored if no follow-up command is given?

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    it's a countdown timer to the command timing out, it doesn't execute the command. If it is doing then it is a bug, can you replicate it and give me the steps to do so?
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      Ah yes, I see that now. I think I must have panicked and hit the manual override when I heard the beeps LOL.