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Wrong file/folder location?

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  • Wrong file/folder location?

    I tried to "Import My Binds" on my recently reformatted Windows installation - however I got this error (lots and lots of times!)
    Text not appended (Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\deadm\Desktop\BindErrors.txt'.)
    This is undoubtedly due to me moving my Desktop folder (along with the other moveable Windows folders) to a different drive to avoid clogging up a relatively small boot SSD, and the fact that Windows - despite supporting this - does not alter the %DESKTOP% variable to reflect the change.
    I can get around this by manually adding that folder in, but if an option to select the output folder was available it would be useful. Unless, of course, there is one and I don't know about it

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    you can change the path it saves the file in the cmd ((Customisation 1))
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