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singularity using galaxapedia, hawking quaotes andquantum theory

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  • singularity using galaxapedia, hawking quaotes andquantum theory

    Hi. Loving singularity profile. Tried several ways to get these (above) to work. I'm using astra, cleo and archer profiles. the response I get for Hawking quotes is command unrecognised and for galaxapedia command ignore galaxapedia disabled.. Am I missing something. The .vap file are there and used to work. I've not moved them . I probably missing something obvious . Happy new year and thanks for the help in advance.

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    They are not active in the Singularity beta whilst we knock out the bugs in the profile. They will be re-enabled at a later time.
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      Brilliant. thanks for help


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        hawking quotes are not in but others are there. They are disabled by default so you have to turn them on if you want them using "enable ???"

        see the changlelog for details
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