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Singularity Profile "Missing Ship's Cat", Phisssss.

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  • Singularity Profile "Missing Ship's Cat", Phisssss.

    After updating all voicepacks to 2.4, and uninstalling and reinstalling all voicepacks, as well as adding the required keybindings to my binds file, I am now down to "one" issue.

    My "Ships Cat" is not listed or seen by the crew roster. My cat is mad as hell about it. Phissss....

    08:21:15 - Plugin 'EDDI 2.4.6-b1' initialized.
    08:21:14 - Waiting for you to log into Elite...
    08:21:14 - Elite Dangerous VoiceAttack profile - (c)2017 HCS VoicePacks Ltd
    08:21:14 - Singularity v2.0 public beta - VoiceAttack v1.6.9
    08:21:14 - Number One:Vega Helm:Astra Tactical:Astra Engineering:Astra Operations:Astra and Science:Midnight
    08:21:14 - You currently have 3 crew members aboard but you don't have the Ship's Cat and vermin is rife.
    08:21:13 - Singularity initialising...
    08:21:13 - Listening suspended
    08:21:12 - Plugin 'bindED Plugin v1.0' initialized.
    08:21:12 - Plugin 'HCS Voice Packs - Elite Dangerous Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized.
    08:21:12 - HCS Elite Dangerous Journal Reader Initialized
    08:21:12 - Plugin support enabled.
    08:21:12 - Audio playback changed to 'Realtek HD Audio 2nd output (Realtek High Definition Audio)'

    But, as with all my bugs filed here, It's probably my fault somewhere along the line. Maybe my "Ships Cat Profile" is out of date, or needs to be updated to work with Singularity.

    I doubt it is a bug. So, where did I go wrong this time?

    Be well.

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    rename it's folder to "hcspack-SHIPS CAT" without the apostrophe in
    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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      Originally posted by TheThingIs View Post
      rename it's folder to "hcspack-SHIPS CAT" without the apostrophe in
      Interesting. It works with "Multi-Crew" and "Vega Full House" and "Midnight Full House", and "Astra Full House", but not "Singularity" without renaming it. I think the problem is elsewhere, but I will rename it. It will probably make no difference to the other packs whatever the name.


      Be well.


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        I WAS going to ask about this... but you answered it