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    Some commands that come pre-built into the voicepack, when spoken, come up as unrecognized commands. An example would be "Silent Running On". When I say this command it comes up as an Unrecognized Command in VA. I cannot figure out why this is happening.

    Also, some commands that I have duplicated, to make it more versatile and also make the command to be something that I would more realistically say, come up as Unrecognized Commands but the original command is recognized. An example would be the simple "Yes" command, when answering a question. I have duplicated this command so that I can say "Absolutely." However "Absolutely" is unrecognized but "Yes" is recognized.

    These commands worked in the previous version, both original and duplicate commands, without any issues. Hopefully you can shed some light as to why they won't work anymore. I have the ASTRA voicepack. It was purchased through Steam and I use it with Elite Dangerous. I loved using the previous version but am growing increasingly frustrated with the Singularity release. All commands have been assigned to the keyboard and I followed all instructions for installing as outlined in the manual. I would like to purchase other voicepacks, to really utilize Singularity, but will not do so until I can get these issues ironed out.

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    [yes;yeah] [please;]; Now works; Good idea; Alrighty then; Absolutely

    this works perfectly fine...the only difference is that the reply is for answering the invoke questions and we turn them off now when a question isn't being asked

    protocol override silent running on

    the command is protected against accidental was the same in the old profiles. If it wasn't then you must have altered the cmd previously and forgotten. The protocol override can be removed by editing the command and changing it to a "full command" on the bottom left.
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