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    With the Singularity profile, and using the Customizer to Create Keybinds, is there any current use for the voice command "Import Binds"?
    If there is - what does it do exactly?

    There is a lot of information on the Internet, and a lot of it is obsolete - like the video that says don't use after Mar 28, but no replacement available. It is hard to tell what is both current and correct.
    There does not appear to be a current list of keybinds in the voice packs. There is not one in Eden. I wish there were...

    Thanks - still struggling through setup. Main problem is getting my Blue Yeti to work reliably with voice recognition.

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    The list of "current binds" is here Although this should now be referred to as a "list of commands that require a keypress assigned to them"

    But with the profile, when it loads up it will initially scan your custom binds file to see what commands don't have a keyboard press assigned to them (that we use). It then does the "here is a text file with the commands that have a missing keypress". And we don't actually care what keypress you assign to the commands though, it could even be a combination of keys for Elite Dangerous.

    So it a case of "there is no true set of predefined binds"
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      Thank you!

      I take from your answer that I never need to use the voice command "Import Binds" since I am using the Singularity profile.

      I do find your list of "Commands that require a keypress" to be useful, so I can go in ED and see what is set.