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Singularity thins keybinds are missing.

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  • Singularity thins keybinds are missing.

    Just installed the update to ASTRA and now I have a problem.It recognises everything just fine, but on every spoken command, I get the following (NB. On Voice Attack, these messages start at the bottom and go upwards.) :

    WARNING Detected new install. Running startup ...
    Keyboard bind missing in Elite: not set
    WARNING the profile needs updating
    Stopped command '((detect voicepacks))'
    stopped command '((singularity initialisation 2))'
    Stop running commands

    I've checked in-game and all my keybinds are just fine. I even tried overwriting them, but it makes no difference.

    Any ideas?



    Rebound everything. All good, now.
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    ok. Rebound everything, but it still doesn't work. I don't get the "keyboard bind missing" message any more, but apart from that, it's just the same.




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      Can you post a screenshot of your voiceattack window once it says "Waiting for you to log into Elite"
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