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  • No multi-crew pack

    So, I purchased Eden a while ago, and I love having her aboard my ship. Apparently I got drunk last night and when I woke up this morning I see an e-mail stating I bought ASTRA. Drunk me sure has good taste. Well, I tried installing and running, but there is no "Multi-crew" pack that I see everyone mentioning while browsing the forums. Eden has completely disappeared from my life (similar to my first ex-wife), leaving me with ASTRA. Now, I want both integrated, but only ASTRA is showing up. On my Voice Attack it shows that I have both profiles loaded ("You currently have 2 crew members aboard but you don't have the Ships Cat and vermin is rife.") but I can't assign Eden to anything. I have done the "Protocol Override" and everything else, but I can't get my lovely Eden back. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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    Page 21 of the manual:

    Say "Crew Command Roster"
    (wait for whistle)
    Say "Crewman <xxxx> you are <role>"
    (repeat as necessary)
    Say "That is all"
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      I have tried this, and for some reason "Eden" is not recognized by my computer. It comes up as "even, either, eaten" or other variations. I have ran speech recognition multiple times, and I have tried the "protocol override" command, but nothing seems to save.


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        you have to say "Crewman Eden" or "Crewman Astra" etc etc. The reason VA comes back with jibberish is because that command "Eden" doesn't exist in the profile so it's guessing what you are saying. VA is very good at matching what you have said to commands in it's list but terrible at trying to guess what you've said when it has no reference to match it to.
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          Finally got it to work after a fresh install. Thank you