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Updating Singularity profile is incredibly difficult. Nigh on impossible

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  • Updating Singularity profile is incredibly difficult. Nigh on impossible

    I'm having massive difficulty trying to update the Singularity profile.

    The instructions given with the last email don't work:

    Not only have we had to make changes to include the Parrot companion pack for the profile, we've also had to make a few changes, fixes and improvements to the Singularity /Event Horizon profiles and the HCS-Plugins. The most significant change is that from now on, you’ll have access to future updates for profiles and plugins directly from the 'Customiser' - In VoiceAttack, with your profile loaded, use the voice command "Protocol override customise my settings"... Then, just click "Check for updates" and download them.

    If you prefer to log in and view your downloads, please follow the link below, where you can claim your account and see everything your collection via our Sendowl server - You can download anything you've purchased there.

    I followed the instructions to open the settings panel. But there isn't a "Check for updates" button anywhere.

    Perhaps I need the latest version. (I can't actually tell what version I have since version numbers are vague at best

    4:45:19 PM - Singularity v1.0 - VoiceAttack v1.7

    4:45:06 PM - Plugin 'HCS Elite Plugin v2.0 - (c)2018 HCS VoicePacks Ltd' initialized.

    So maybe sendowl has the files I need.

    When I go here, I can't remember my password so I enter my email address and ask for a password to be sent.

    But no email arrives. SO I can't log in to try to update my Voice Pack.

    This is all very frustrating and needlessly complicated. Surely we can have an account on the HCS voice pack site that lets us see what'e we've paid for in the past.

    As it is I have to try to trawl through past emails and often not even be able to find relevant information since it all keeps changing.


    But I guess the core problem is, how do we get sendowl to actually work?

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    So, now it gets worse.

    I tried downloading from a previous email and it seems to have downloaded the latest version of the Vega pack and Singularity 1.11

    I followed the instructions to install/upgrade. No where in the instructions did it say to uninstall or anything the previous version I have installed.

    The problem I have now is that there's seemingly no way to make Voice Attack run as administrator.

    The link I have is a weird steam link of some sort?


    And it doens't have the option to run as administrator.

    I have to go and find the actual Voice Attack executable in the steam directory and try running that as Admin.

    But even after all that it fails to recognise the Audio directory. I'm getting these errors:

    5:50:05 PM - No Voicepacks can be detected - DO NOT USE THE PROFILE
    5:50:05 PM - I'm looking for them here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VoiceAttack\Sounds
    5:50:05 PM - WARNING The profile needs updating!

    That path to the Sounds directory is correct.

    And now it's all broken.

    Any ideas how this can be fixed?



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      So this appears to be a Voice Attack problem of some sort. I imported the new Profile, but Voice Attack keeps reverting back to the previous one, rather than the new one I've chosen, on restart.

      No idea how to make it stick. There doesn't seem to be any way of setting a default...


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        Hi Joker , I am NOT on STEAM, but reading the HCS forum all the time and there are always questions about STEAM+VA+HCS...
        When you've got the NEW HCS voicepackfiles, did you deleted the OLD Pluging befor and installed the new PLUGIN befor? => "Plugin 'HCS Elite Plugin v2.12 - (c)2018 HCS VoicePacks Ltd' initialized."
        Path to SOUND in VA is OK. What about the "Path to APP" in VA ???
        Your VA from STEAM needs certrain setups:
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          In terms of "Reverting back to previous one", there is an option inside voice attack to always load a specific profile at time of Voice Attack loading (instead of the last active profile). If you look on the Voice Attack settings window on the General Tab (first one of the settings window)
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