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Singularity Customizer "Missing Keybindings Report" Runs For Eternity

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  • Singularity Customizer "Missing Keybindings Report" Runs For Eternity

    Three times I have called the Customerizer applet to verify any missing key binds. The applet runs and runs and runs. I cannot shut down the popup window and must resort to using the task manager to shut down VA , as Win 10 says that it is not responding, surely an understatement. I have all my commands mapped to the Custom and TFlight HOTAS4 Pro in ED. Regardless of which binding is active in the game, the customizer locks up. What am I doing wrong? ASTRA, ORION, and OBSIDIAN work fine. OBW thanks for the great support, updates, and products.

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    Are you running voice attack as admin? If so, run it as a normal user.
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      Thanks a bunch, as usual, you have hit the nail on the head. At the risk of being obsequious, eventually, I will no doubt purchase all your products, not because I need or will use all of them but due to your unparalleled and nearly immediate user/customer support. Now as soon as I can figure out Disord, I'll probably learn much more as to the use and abuse of the voice packs. In 1949, numerous knuckleheads were born and I'm certainly the foremost of them. LOL


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        I am getting this problem as well. Tried running both as admin and as normal user but still getting the "Not Responding". Any ideas?

        I am running Singularity Customiser v2.2 beta, Plugin HCS Elite Plugin v2.2, Singularity v1.21 - Voice Attack v1.7.3

        Thanks in Advance
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