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Singluarity switched to high-resolution pictures?

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  • Singluarity switched to high-resolution pictures?

    I'm used to taking normal screen shots, not high resolution pictures. For some reason, though, today when I started taking screen shots through ASTRA the images it captures are high-resolution (which means they're 176MB a piece!). Any idea how this happened or how I can fix it?

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    There are two commands, one for a standard screen shot and one for a high rez one, chances are you are using one of the high rez commands.

    The standard res commands are:

    delightful view
    get a picture of that
    take a photo
    take a photo please
    take a screenshot
    take a screenshot please
    take another photo
    take another photo please
    take another screenshot
    take another screenshot please
    that's very pretty isn't it


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      Also note: This was a bug in one of the earlier Singularity profiles, which I know is fixed in the 2.03 Singularity profile
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