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Launch power distribution

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  • Launch power distribution

    The "Launch" command sets distributor to 4-2-0

    I modified it to set 2-4-0 in previous version as my preferred setting, but I see no way to change this now that the vap is locked.

    Is there a way to change the launch power distribution? I found the ability to edit the duration of the up thruster, but can't see any way to change the distributor setting.

    If there isn't any way to make this change now, could it be added to a future release?


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    No method to change it in the current profile, although there is nothing stopping you from making your own custom launch command and then linking it to the main Singularity profile. The profile was locked so that when it came to profile updates, peoples "tweaks and customisations" were not lost.

    Custom Commands and how to add them:
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