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Edit or disable commands please! Extremely annoying!

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  • Edit or disable commands please! Extremely annoying!

    Hi. In the pre-Singularity world we could customise the profiles to our liking. Disable commands, change them etc. Singularity killed that seemingly and now I am stuck with a few profiles that are useless to me, as voice attack keeps picking up commands I don't say, constantly triggering responses. This is extremely annoying - to the point that I've stopped using all of my HCS Voice Packs.

    I own 3 of them and as a paying customer I feel I've been basically forced a product I am not able to use.

    Is full customisation on the cards? Alternatively, can we get the legacy versions from somewhere? I love Singularity features, especially setting different packs to be used with different ships, but unfortunately lack of any customisation made the product practically unusable to me.

    Or maybe I am just daft (entirely possible ) and don't know how to disable certain commands when editing a profile?

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    you can use the voice trigger editor in the customiser....false triggering is generally down to your mic and VA recognition settings but you can also alter the spoken phrase that keeps getting triggered. To disable a cmd simply change it's voice trigger to something unpronounceable. Customisation can be done by creating your own commands and linking them in. We won't be unlocking the commands. This was done for many reasons, the main one being auto updates
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      I mentioned this awhile back, there should be a YouTube video explaining how to do this customizer change. Yes the manual is there, but most individuals now, are more a visual learner as opposed to the context learner.


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