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Elite Dangerous Voice Attack Quick Reference Chart

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  • Elite Dangerous Voice Attack Quick Reference Chart

    o7 Commanders,

    I have made a quick reference chart for commonly used HCS commands. Download links below.
    I use a few custom commands, highlighted with a * but as you probably have your own keybinds, I won't share my custom profile but feel free to use these commands as inspiration to create your own commands.

    I have included a link below to download a .pdf or a .docx file should you wish to add/remove/edit your own crew names and/or commands.

    The layout of the document is based around the natural stages of a flight and has been tested with the Astra, Midnight, Vega and Kate voicepacks.
    Leave a comment below if you find this useful or have any questions about this document.

    Fly dangerous,
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    dark helix This is great, thank you.


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      Looks useful, it would be even more so if the actual spoken words were colour coded to be distinct from the rest of the text.


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        thx Looks great