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Modifying my Simple Custom Command

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  • Modifying my Simple Custom Command

    Hey all,
    I have ASTRA installed....If I just Say 'ASTRA' nothing happens so I put together a custom Command with just 'Astra' in the 'When I say' box and her sound response is Simply 'YES ?'

    I would like to modify this command so Astra gives a more random response based on me just calling her name to get her attention before giving an actual order.

    I have the personal pack installed so it would be nice to have responses like - Yes - Yes Commander - Yes Captain - Yes Paul - I'm here....Things like that but so generally I get a different
    answer every time for the attention grab, it would sound so much more natural than Yes Yes Yes Yes every time I shout 'Astra' !

    Is there an easy way to achieve this kind of randomness ???

    Many Thanks

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    Voice Attack edit command window.

    Other -> Sounds -> Play a random sound.

    You can choose between "randomly pick between specific files" or "randomly pick from all files in the folder".

    The former is handy if the files are scattered about the place in different folder, the latter is for when the specific responses and ONLY the those responses are in the folder
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