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Command to select the next Unexplored Item in System Map?

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  • Command to select the next Unexplored Item in System Map?

    I have the Voice Attack Elite: Singularity Voicepack (I hope that's what you need to know). I am trying to figure out if there is a command to open Navagation, and select the next unexplored item on the System Map. There is no in-game command that I can see. I can open Navigation with "navagation", but opening System Map in the center of the screen doesn't work. I'd imagine I messed up the control for that. In any case, is there a preconfigured command to execute these actions? Open Navagation, go right to highlight the locations, and either move down one or select the next "UNEXPLORED" item.

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    We don't have a singular command that does this unfortunately...

    We do have the basic UI navigation though (Next/previous tab, UI UP/down/left/right select)
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      Plus we don't get the information of something is undiscovered or not so it's not possible to do I'm afraid
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