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    Hello all,
    Not sure if I should post this here or the VA forum but we'll give it a go anyway.......

    I have a custom command which creates a small INT variable when it fires. Is there a command available which will write my variable to the Log and also show it's current value ????

    I'm experimenting with a custom command, this variables value is modified by other custom commands but I want to set a command in the custom commands so it writes my variables value to the log so I can monitor what's happening to the value while experimenting, I have found a command to write a text string to the Log but not one to actually show a named variable along with it's current value.

    Does one exist ????

    Many Thanks

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    inside the text string you include the token so you enter 'myvariable contains: {INT:myvariable}'

    the VA manual has all the info in to help you as well
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