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Time delay for a questions user response !

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  • Time delay for a questions user response !

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to achieve something here and don't quite know how to fully get there, so, here's a scenario:

    Using a custom command, ASTRA asks me a question, the sort of question which will require an answer like: Yes - OK - No - Not now....etc, you get the drift right ?

    So lets just say, when ASTRA asks me this question I want to set up, for example, a 5 second time period for me to give her an appropriate answer......

    1. If I say 'Yes' in the given time period then ASTRA will run one of my other custom commands that's already set up & ready to go

    2. If I say 'No' in the given time period then ASTRA will just run a sound file to acknowledge and the command ends

    3. If I say nothing in given time period, the command will just quietly stop anyway

    So I can handle playing with most of the stuff in 'Advanced' like variables, loops and conditions but can someone point me towards an already set up command in my
    Voice Packs which already does this kind of thing, or, give me a guiding hand as to how to put together code to help me to get to my goal ?????

    As always, any help is always gratefully appreciated


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    It sounds like you're trying to duplicate the existing "On my mark" functionality?


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      Sorry Galyock....Been away !

      Yes, same kind of thing

      I have a custom command where I suggest playing some music, ASTRA 'Connects audio stream', a random number generation decides if ASTRA either asks me what 'I' want to play, or, she'll ask me if I want HER to pick something for me (using custom .MP3's which the fantastic guy's at HCS put together for me). IF the random generation ends as ASTRA asking if I want her to pick something to play I just want 4 or 5 seconds to answer yes or no. If the answer is NO then the command ends, if my answer is YES then it will just fire a custom command which randomly picks one of my playlists and fires it up via VLC.



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        Yeah that's beyond my novice ability other than suggesting you copy the "on my mark" setup. :P


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          Ill have to stick my nose into that to try to see how it works Galyock & poach the bits to make it work for me......if I can