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    Hi there!
    I'm really enjoying all five crew members I own. But one thing still bothers me.
    Each time there's a profile update, I always have to modify all the commands one at a time, since I translate them in French every time.
    I'm searching for a solution or an idea.
    Is there a way for me to 'store' somewhere those sentences for speach recognition, in order to make the changes less painfull?

    For example:
    When I want the landing gears down, instead of saying "Landing gear down", I would like to say it in French " déploie les train d’atterrissage". The end result is going to be the same anyhow.
    Right know, I'll have to replace/add the french sentence in order to make voice attack recognize the sentence.

    So If someone has an idea, this would help me a lot.

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    Easiest but not 100% accurate method: Follow this guide

    Reason as to why its not 100% accurate, is because this method cannot cope with "variable" commands (ie running those commands that can take part of the command and do stuff with it).

    We do have plans at the moment on a method that *might* allow this to happen. But it is all reliant on some extra stuff being added to voice attack.

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      Great! Thank you for your quick response.
      Gonna try to make something usefull and share it with the community.
      If you need some help or tester for your "plans", I would be glad to help.