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Planetary Scan Value?

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  • Planetary Scan Value?

    Hi everyone
    I have just purchased the ASTRA voice pack and am very impressed so far, however, I was hoping that it would be able to speak the value of planets when they are scanned. Although ASTRA doesn't support the 'Stars and Planets' feature yet, I understand that this only provides generic information about the type of body scanned, and not the exact value of the specific body scanned, is this correct?

    I have been using EDDiscovery with its Voice Pack until now which supports this, but I would prefer to have a single voice, i.e. ASTRA, active on my ship.

    So is it possible for ASTRA to speak the value of a system body when it is scanned please?

    Many thanks


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    To be honest, its not as easy as you think it would be...Although never say never. Maybe not soon, but eventually
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      Thanks, I thought that would be the case.

      I've just been trying EDDI as an alternative to EDDiscovery, linking it's VAP to the Singularity VAP and only enabled the events that aren't already covered by ASTRA and that seems to be working great. Microsoft Hazel with a bit of processing sounds close enough to ASTRA for me, so am happy!