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    Hi all Voice pack noob here, got my first one yesterday and finding my way around slowly, got commands like launch and docking supercruise, jump etc working, with help of some of the people on discord. I use a TM Warthog throttle for controlling my speed, obviously this is an analog device, is there any way of getting a VP working with it so when i go full throttle, boost etc i get the audible feedback?



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    Do you mean "When I hit full throttle manually" i get the response?
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      Yes along those lines or same when i zero it etc


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        we can't monitor the condition of your controller so only issuing a voice command will garner a response. The voice commands do work in conjunction with a throttle so saying engines 100% will set the speed 100 even if your throttle isn't at 100%
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          Thank you for the clarification, for some reason my default bindings when using the HCS Default Keyboard in Elite are multiple key presses, i will rebind them to the defaults i have seen on here.